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2nd Jun, 2014

This doesn’t exist.

Ambiguous Punctuation?

I'm going to use semicolons to be as efficient as possible. The Annoy-A-Tron was a success; by playing against someone else's rapidly developing chess skills, my own skills are improving as well; rocking out on a cello will be awesome in the summer, also taking the instrument count up to 11; 2/3 valentines I received today were from myself; as far as I know, I'm doing little for my birthday on Wednesday; I think I can whistle at least 5000x better than my last LiveJournal post; I recently learned the equation for finding the amount of energy transferred, gained, or lost (heat energy, that is); many of my friends make fun of this genius substitute science teacher purely because he has a Chinese accent.   

If any of those topics have anything to do with one another, tell me, so I can make the changes. 

Ahoy hoy,

Postscript: For old time's sake.....



Happy Valentine's Day, all.

My watch

Okay, so wake up: check
Get out of bed: check
find towel: check
get in shower: check
turn on shower: NO check

Shower water off, dad's messing with the plumbing. no matter....
check time:

check time:

Check TIME???: NO CHECK????
Why is my watch blank? Hello? God, if you're listening, I'd like to report an anomaly. The reality surrounding my watch appears to have glitched out, and.... what's that? Battery? 

Wait, I need to charge this watch?

So when my watch band broke due to the wear and tear of rubber, I was mortified. I have had that watch for at least 4 years, and almost never have taken it off (not gross, I shower, and ensure water gets under there)... The 5 alarms, chronological and countdown timers, and its ability to keep track of important dates and parties and events has mesmerized my consciousness ever since I learned about each of its features.
(are you kidding? It even has a timer to tell me when to drink water?? Who would even use that?? That's awesome...)

Now, since my sister Ashley (younger older) had once worked at a coffee shop, that became a different coffee shop, and that she doesn't work there anymore, the husband of the owners of that second coffee shop is a watchmaker. He knows people, who know people, who really REALLY like watches. He's finding me a replacement watchband, which is just fantastic. 

BUT! Until he does, I needed a watch for my daily watchy-needs. And as such, I borrowed my dad's watch. ( he has around 3, so it's okay.... for now). I have NO clue what this watch does, but I do know that there's a little satellite dish symbol that says "Receiving" and then the time changes by about a minute or two. I 'think' that means it's receiving from the atomic clock in California, and that my time is accurate. What I dislike about this feature is that I need my watch to be INaccurate but accurate to the school's bell schedule. *sigh* I guess perfect time is okay too....

But that's besides the point. This watch, as I have just found out, is solar powered. As I don't get out that often (go figure) its little battery has been getting more and more drained, until it just died. Now I'm letting it sit in front of the sun.

Other than the matters of my watch, I'm doing well. Sorry for dragging on there, I felt like talking for the first time in........months? 
The way our pets have gone so far was we first got Jules (Juliet), then Benny. Benny was the annoying kitten to Jules, but then one day Jules went outside and didn't come back. So we had Benny. After a while, it seemed Benny was getting bored, and so we got him a kitten. 

Was it just this cat, or are all black cats scared of a lot of things? Because this cat wasn't every really a pet.... She was the black shadow that chased after Benny then hid from us. Her name was Abby, and we could not call her a pet.

Well, one time when we were having barbeque, dad left the door open, and she got out. So now we have Benny again. Benny was getting weird, and it seemed he really needed company again. So when my sister Ashley's cat had kittens, we got one of them. Her name is claire, and she is a very energetic kitten. She nibbles on things, and attacks legs. But at least she likes humans, and I think she'll do a great job of keeping Benny company.

Benny, compared to Claire. It was difficult keeping Claire still for the picture....

You get:
One question.
One chance.
One honest answer.
That's all you get.
You get to ask me one question.
Any question, anything, no matter how crazy or personal it is.
And I promise to answer truthfully.
No catch.

But I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you...(stolen from dannspringich )


ho hum.

Leave a comment and I will;
a) Tell you why I friended you.
b) Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, game, friend, food, flavor of kool-aid etc.
c) Tell you something I like about you.
d) Tell you a memory I have of you.
e) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
f) Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
g) In return, you must post this in your LJ.




If anyone has heard of this, give me a call.

I'll pick a day.

Run-on Sentences?

Wondering if anyone else has plenty to do today. Usually Saturdays, are great days for relaxation, but they're also great days for doing the pile of homework you have.

Okay, I'l continue.

Today I have, exactly calculated, as 3 hours of homework to do in 4 hours, not including breakfast, so that I can get ready for the choir concert I have in a private mansion, and the main point is that afterwards I have to get to an auction and help run it so that I can go to New Orleans over the summer with my church-youth group.

Continuing with today's theme... Overall I hope it'll be fun, even though it'll be really hot, and our plan is to meet with a couple ten thousand other kids, and help Katrina victims put back together their lives, which you'd think they finished by now, but it indeed takes a long time to rebuild one's life.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Spring, though this weather designates as summer, and that you will continue to do so. French, English, Social Studies; here I come.

--Teddy Rivard, the Knight in studded +2 leather.

Testing new format.

Hey all. How's it been going?
This week has been "insert description"
I had "noun, verb, action, explanation"
I got to "activity or gathering"

hmmmm, seems short. I wonder what I can add.
Test it out for this week.... here we go.

Hey all. How's it been going?
This week has been normal.
I had trouble getting an order in because the people I ordered from didn't verify my giftcard until Wednesday.
I got baptized and had a concert on Sunday.
Like the old saying, one can do some things all of the time, or all things some of the time, but they'll then get really tired.

I'll go see if this worked.

--side note: I'm afraid my attempts at creating a general format for all posts to follow has been a failure. It sounds too computer-generated. The only thing to make it worse would be a different font on the fill-in spots.
Well well well!!! Another holiday is on its way and as expected comes the ritual cleaning the house in a mad dash. hmmm, funny, last I checked Christmas was 10 days away. Oh THAT'S right, I'm leaving for Pittsburgh on Thursday for 4 days and returning home with Katie on Monday...

Well, if that's the case, then still why are we making more of an effort this year? Thinking.... AHA! We are hosting 15 + people at our house this year, and for each person 73 cubic yards have to be clean, by my calculations...
oh jeez, this is going to take some work...
hmmm.... a bit more work... and.... 1.4 cubic yards per person per day... hmmm. Sounds easier... That's saying my parents will work while I'm in Pittsburgh, and there's a lot of guess work in there....

Anyways. 210 cubic yards per day. hmmm, there are 90 in this room.....

I wonder if I counted the yard in my calculations....

See, that's the problem with math. So many numbers, so little right ones.

Happy Holidays, have fun in the snow.
I'll have fun switching airports on the east coast.....