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Testing new format.

Hey all. How's it been going?
This week has been "insert description"
I had "noun, verb, action, explanation"
I got to "activity or gathering"

hmmmm, seems short. I wonder what I can add.
Test it out for this week.... here we go.

Hey all. How's it been going?
This week has been normal.
I had trouble getting an order in because the people I ordered from didn't verify my giftcard until Wednesday.
I got baptized and had a concert on Sunday.
Like the old saying, one can do some things all of the time, or all things some of the time, but they'll then get really tired.

I'll go see if this worked.

--side note: I'm afraid my attempts at creating a general format for all posts to follow has been a failure. It sounds too computer-generated. The only thing to make it worse would be a different font on the fill-in spots.


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