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Run-on Sentences?

Wondering if anyone else has plenty to do today. Usually Saturdays, are great days for relaxation, but they're also great days for doing the pile of homework you have.

Okay, I'l continue.

Today I have, exactly calculated, as 3 hours of homework to do in 4 hours, not including breakfast, so that I can get ready for the choir concert I have in a private mansion, and the main point is that afterwards I have to get to an auction and help run it so that I can go to New Orleans over the summer with my church-youth group.

Continuing with today's theme... Overall I hope it'll be fun, even though it'll be really hot, and our plan is to meet with a couple ten thousand other kids, and help Katrina victims put back together their lives, which you'd think they finished by now, but it indeed takes a long time to rebuild one's life.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Spring, though this weather designates as summer, and that you will continue to do so. French, English, Social Studies; here I come.

--Teddy Rivard, the Knight in studded +2 leather.