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Ukulele strings, and other things

It is unimaginably hard to string a Ukulele.

You are supposed to tie it around the bridge, not in a knot that keeps it from sliding through, oh no.... ALL THE WAY AROUNG THE BRIDGE!!!! and then you string it down the neck, and onto the pegs... the nylon string stays in coil shape, and if you messed the knot up the first time...

I'm having difficulty.
Pliers don't help.
Losing brain functions...

In other news, I'm planning on taking clarinet lessons to level up my skills. That is, if I can figure out how to spend my time so all my projects for school get done on time.

I think it's my teacher's fault, personally....
maybe it's just me....

In your head?

The world would be so much easier if everyone could read everyone else's thoughts...

Honestly, think about it. Unsure if the person you're talking to is being sincere? Check out their head! It would tell you what their true thoughts are. Lying would become useless, because everyone would know how everyone else feels about something. The world would lose all aggression since no one would Talk to people whose thoughts they didn't like.

Everyone would be married to their soul mate as well. It makes sense since you can see their thoughts, if they're similar to your thoughts they match your personality! No one would be lonely, and the whole world would be happy. The negative affect would be that crushes would become obvious to everyone around you, and people might get a little upset. But all that would take is time, and people would learn to look at personalities and what other people are thinking of them instead of looks.

No conflict. Everyone would get used to only thinking based on opinions, and then, since everyone would know where the other person is coming from, all opinions would be known, and the actual "best" thought would become obvious to whoever ended up with the most knowledge. Seeing an argument would be awesome, because there'd be no conversation. You could have an all out mental fight with someone of different opinion while just walking down a road or taking a test.

Hmmm, that might be a problem. Ah. Never-mind, because tests would become useless as well. The teacher would know how much you know about the subject, and could get extra information into you if needed. I know one of my friends who we all know is going to get a Ph.D in SOMETHING is working on a way of creating telepathy, but I don't think that'll be enough...

It's a good idea, don't you think?

Well, it's about time...

I have discovered friends....
hehehe, this is something I had been looking forward to soon...

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about the slightly nerdier version of going over to a friend's house. It's where a small-party-sized group of people all go over to one person's house, set up, and play Magic, d&d, or whatever game we end up playing. Now this is a lot more than a friendly game; it's a running for power. If you end up being the highest level, or finally beating the person that's been sitting on top for WAY too long, you get a certain level of honor.

Unfortunately this is something that I only just found this school year. I mean, I had seen my sister partake in such activities back in the free-from-worry days, but this was a new experience for me. I felt included in a group that all had the same interests as me, and it's an amazing discovery. We all go to the card-shop, looking for that one deck that's going to annoy the hell out of everyone else until they get something to beat it, the game shop for campaigns to start...

It's an entire way of life that was just now opened for me. I had been interested before, but this year there are actually enough people I can interact with for it to make a difference...

If I had been older, I would've been able to catch my older-older sister on her way out to college, and manage to get some stuff in. The younger-older sister comes over every once in a while, and we jam on the guitar. But I feel as if I missed the boat for playing the old-school style gaming I grew up surrounded by, but was too young to realize what was there.

But that's what happens sometimes, and what's important is what's here now. If you excuse me, they're starting a 3 person campaign at Games Plus, and I think an arcane trickster is just what they need.....


I just now suddenly realized that I have a favorite artist/group/whater-you'd-call-Nickel-Creek.
I discovered that I listened to Nickel Creek the most when I was doing math homework last night, and I found myself adding up the play-counts for all my songs. I found out that I had listened to songs by Nickel Creek 142 times. Now, that may not seem like much to some of you insane music listeners, but the fact that I constantly am buying new music means I don't stay on one set of songs; I look at the way that song is styled, and I find songs that are like that song. I'm like my own Pandora.... hmmm.....

Anyways, I first started thinking something was up when I bought my third full Nickel Creek album after saving up a month to buy it, and I loved every song on it.....
That divides out, by the way, to 8 plays on every song....
When you have 18 songs, well....

So that's what I did last night, after homework. Also the night before, I created a all nice looking Youtube Video...

Other than that, not much is happening. I'm going to be late for jazz band as usual, I'll just procrastinate tomorrow.....

Damned politics!!

I started writing something on politics, but decided against it. I'll go ahead and give my choice for 09; Obama.
It's not a matter of who's better, it's a matter of who's worse. I believe McCain will do far more damage than Obama, and that's a good analysis on my part.

What's YOUR take of the elections?

Woo Hoo!!

I just realized that my life is REALLY messed up! I spent 2 years doing the rubik's cube just to get it down to under a minute. And now, I have 2 3x3x3s, a 4x4x4, and a 5x5x5...


So anyways, I decided to plan out the next 5 weeks. Granted, this list excluded extra-curricular stuff such as choir retreat, French class, and other various square-dance-related-events. Want to see it?

Well, it doesn't matter wether or not you want to. You're reading it already so...

week 1. Map due tuesday. Various SS and LA assignments, band tests, and awesome science.

week 2. Current events are due monday. Once again, Various SS and LA and difficult Math
assignments for all.

week 3. Meh, I'll figure out wether or not I want to try it or not. It will most likely NOT work, but we'll see :D

week 4. more of the same. I think there might be another current event around now.... due monday next week.

week 5. Where has the time gone??? It's already halloween... hmmm..... I wonder what I should dress up for for halloween? Lampshade? I could try a ninja again.... Meh, I won't think too much on that, but on what they'll be dressing up as and where they're planning on going. Halloween party? Maybe some late-night candy pillaging? They being friends and other friends and other friends and....

oie, long month...and... a half.....
Well in any case, I guess I might as well give up some of my gained wisdom since I've got nothing better to do.
Without further ado, here it goes:


For those who ponder and wonder and wrestle with the idea of what it is they really want, I have an answer that each would wholeheartedly agree with: "HAPPINESS."
And for those who ponder and wonder and wrestle with exactly what will bring them true happiness, I have an answer that each would wholeheartedly disagree with: "Just do something, do anything, as soon as possible, and do it with care."
And I'd add, "Trust me."

Even when the earth suddenly shakes, tides unexpectedly surge, and all hope seems lost, in the split second that follows I have a brand new plan, I know what we'll do, and I've got the pedal to the metal.
Just get back in your saddle and ride.

Isn't it wild? I mean, in time and space you get to experience what you think, think what you want, and want what you don't have. Yet so few visualize.
Think about it.

Did you know that all of the "I LOVE YOUs" you feel and say are captured and recorded here?
They're actually put on display, sometimes even paraded around, so all can bask in their sublime glow.
Their energy could power a city like Seattle or New York or Chicago for 10,000 years, their beauty could bring Mona Lisa to tears, and their healing power has already completely rearranged the time-space continuum.

To do as little as possible in the long run, do as much as possible in the short run.

You've made a lot of friends throughout your life, and you'll be making a lot more. You can be very proud of this.
But you can safely multiply that number by 7 to reveal the minimum number of secret admirers who've loved you from afar; by 100 to approximate the minimum number of people you've inspired; and by 10,000 to uncover the least number of lives yours has improved. And this... I'm very proud of.
We've only just begun

If you were to give a speech to ten thousand angels who were about to embark on their very first life in the jungles of time and space, do you think they'd furiously hang onto your every word, or would they be far too star-struck to even know what you were saying?
Yeah, the latter.
It was a nice idea though...

The hardest thing for most to understand about manifesting major life changes is that it's so easy.
Child's play!

Happiness is what greases the wheels of life. It's also what opens the floodgates, marshals the forces, commands the elements, raises the sun, aligns the stars, beats your heart, heals what hurts, turns the page, makes new friends, finds true love, calls the shots, waves the wand, connects the dots, feeds your mind, frees your soul, rocks the world, and pays compound interest.
Yeah, so easy to forget.


Anyways, these are all from the adventurer's club a.k.a. The Universe. I've adapted most of them and changed half of them to what I believe should work, but this is generally why I sometimes sound wise in my words/ types. Although, most of the time I just sort of... ramble.

I wish people I DIDN'T know read my journal.... because then I could send messages to them :*(

-- Incurvé Zweig --