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Cannibalistic Mayonnaise

Never mistake H2SO4 for H2O

I seem to find myself in the middle of not knowing what to do. I have music pulsing through my body (sorry if that's a bit personal), I am.... interested in science, know a lot of things, and understand basic psychology and philosophy. I enjoy square and round dancing, and have started looking in to ballroom dancing. Since my choir tours worldwide, I have friends in many places...

Overall I'm pretty mature for my age, which automatically separates me from the other "kids". That, and the fact that I'm a nerd (and proud of it).
I've learned that in school, you make yourself, not other people. I am respectful, and try not to let other people judge me as quickly as they normally would.

I like the movie "21", the online comic "The Order of the Stick", and my favorite type of music is Jazz/Blues/ exciting clarinet music. I have also recently discovered that my favorite band is Nickel Creek (not really a "band" but...) I do not have a favorite Song or Album because it's impossible to choose from my top 20 of each

That's about it. I'm still under 21, but that's all I'm gonna say.