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The way our pets have gone so far was we first got Jules (Juliet), then Benny. Benny was the annoying kitten to Jules, but then one day Jules went outside and didn't come back. So we had Benny. After a while, it seemed Benny was getting bored, and so we got him a kitten. 

Was it just this cat, or are all black cats scared of a lot of things? Because this cat wasn't every really a pet.... She was the black shadow that chased after Benny then hid from us. Her name was Abby, and we could not call her a pet.

Well, one time when we were having barbeque, dad left the door open, and she got out. So now we have Benny again. Benny was getting weird, and it seemed he really needed company again. So when my sister Ashley's cat had kittens, we got one of them. Her name is claire, and she is a very energetic kitten. She nibbles on things, and attacks legs. But at least she likes humans, and I think she'll do a great job of keeping Benny company.

Benny, compared to Claire. It was difficult keeping Claire still for the picture....


20th Aug, 2009 03:18 (UTC)
Cute! And Benny looks like a skinnier version of my cat, haha.